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Ladda ner



  • Alt title: Vik loses I’m Rock Paper Scissors

    Bach Is beastBach Is beast5 timmar sedan
  • I only came for the one camera angle.

    Demon RiceDemon Rice5 timmar sedan
  • the fact that a womens proffesional team tied 2-2 with a couple of gamers is sad. thats including the crossbar point which is half luck

    YummyYummy5 timmar sedan
  • 20:53 ethan?

    YummyYummy5 timmar sedan
  • The soggy temper trivially consist because whorl incidentally rule but a kaput watch. sharp, massive asia

    Sabrina ButlerSabrina Butler5 timmar sedan
  • Ethan had the gun show on full display for this one

    Romulus DracoRomulus Draco7 timmar sedan
  • That ruby girl is fire

    kisbey drones and cars .kisbey drones and cars .7 timmar sedan
  • Funny how the females didn’t go in the wall 😂

    Oakley Fc 123Oakley Fc 1237 timmar sedan
  • Is that a professional womens team ?

    SUPERPOD GamingSUPERPOD Gaming7 timmar sedan
  • Awsome

    Marco AlvesMarco Alves8 timmar sedan
  • the women in this videos are fire 🔥

    Bisweswar Sen ChowdhuryBisweswar Sen Chowdhury8 timmar sedan
  • Vik always comes clutch 😳

    Victor JimenezVictor Jimenez9 timmar sedan
  • Wow the womens team is worldclass🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    TheDizztrukshinTheDizztrukshin9 timmar sedan
  • Some of them would be good couple together

    Pulse SPIPulse SPI9 timmar sedan
  • And they want equal pay-

    Delta blob YTDelta blob YT10 timmar sedan
  • I wonder why men get payed more 🤔

    FBIFBI10 timmar sedan
  • The noisy question originally shiver because dogsled initially guarantee towards a super eyebrow. witty, spiky spike

    Peggy BledsoePeggy Bledsoe10 timmar sedan
  • British people are horrible on penalties

    y2jose285y2jose28510 timmar sedan
  • The fact that simon missed as much as he did for the football guy😆😂🤣

    Tubbo_'s sonTubbo_'s son10 timmar sedan
  • they should play other club teams and make this a series

    appletiger13appletiger1310 timmar sedan
  • 3:08 joshua trying to flex in front of the ladies 😂😂

    GamingwithkenzGamingwithkenz11 timmar sedan
  • My school fotball team could beat them

    kevinkevin11 timmar sedan
  • The banter between josh and Ethan vs that girl is quality 😭

    Kaden RajahKaden Rajah11 timmar sedan
  • Sidemen is the only time womans football is good

    Tristan FeikenTristan Feiken11 timmar sedan
  • 28:48 The dangerous one!

    STUD MUFFINSTUD MUFFIN11 timmar sedan
  • 26:11 Wait why did she go the other way?!

    STUD MUFFINSTUD MUFFIN11 timmar sedan
  • In conclusion the woman’s team is bad at scoring the ball in the goal they are only good at hitting it and missing it

    Joshua MoralesJoshua Morales11 timmar sedan
  • 10:40 What was that?! That wasn't even a hug! They just collided into each other in the middle of the air! 😂😂😂

    STUD MUFFINSTUD MUFFIN12 timmar sedan
  • 8:23 HE?! 😂😂😂

    STUD MUFFINSTUD MUFFIN12 timmar sedan
  • What cleats were Tobi wearing

    HPatel56HPatel5612 timmar sedan
  • 1:17 She knew that it was gonna go in that's why she gave up.

    STUD MUFFINSTUD MUFFIN12 timmar sedan
  • If that's Arsenal's women main team, then I am KSI who lives in India . Btw Loved this video ❤️ Top notch entertainment.

    Ritik GiriRitik Giri13 timmar sedan
    • Kailash Sundar Iyyer

      Ritik GiriRitik Giri13 timmar sedan
  • "Womens teams should be paid the same as mens" The womens team

    CryoCryo13 timmar sedan
  • Tobi, tobjzl black goalie, trickshots only

    Rick VelingRick Veling13 timmar sedan
  • I’m new here. Which team are the professionals?

    Rijh.Rijh.13 timmar sedan
    • 😂😂😂😂

      ••••••13 timmar sedan
  • is that really a professional team? I could play better than them

    Nikhil BerwalNikhil Berwal14 timmar sedan
  • 10:13

    Blob VisBlob Vis14 timmar sedan
  • They where playing like they were the b team

    rob hulrob hul14 timmar sedan
  • Give tobi ballon d'or already 😂😂

    Mandar ShirdhankarMandar Shirdhankar14 timmar sedan
  • i like how Arsenals goalie always said somthing but nobody did listen

    Sean WestfordSean Westford14 timmar sedan
    • no i meant the player with long pants

      Sean WestfordSean Westford14 timmar sedan
  • This goalkeeper is better than the real ones

    Ramauld RamharackRamauld Ramharack14 timmar sedan
  • Arsenal women's team 🤝 Arsenal men's team

    Erfan SheikhErfan Sheikh15 timmar sedan
  • ngl arsenal women are getting paid way moreeeeee

    nima norbu sherpanima norbu sherpa15 timmar sedan
  • Well sidemen mostly won

    Jerick ChimborazoJerick Chimborazo15 timmar sedan
  • yes arsenal they only can hit the crossbar, can't score

    gerson manurunggerson manurung15 timmar sedan
  • Also woman: we are good at soccer

    sem_ nvnsem_ nvn15 timmar sedan
  • We missed ChrisMD😂

    Sudhanshu Tari VolvoikarSudhanshu Tari Volvoikar15 timmar sedan
  • Black goalie

    Jerick ChimborazoJerick Chimborazo15 timmar sedan
  • Harry: We should be hung for that 30:23

    Adarsh CAdarsh C15 timmar sedan
  • black goalie kinda mad

    J1-1MJ1-1M15 timmar sedan
  • When the teacher added an extra 5 minutes to your golden time 18:27

    S-rapidddS-rapiddd15 timmar sedan
  • Österreich!!!

    EmmerbergerEmmerberger16 timmar sedan
  • I think we can all agree that both teams are "not good"

    fouoii gyhhfouoii gyhh16 timmar sedan
  • Josh and the keeper had some flirting going on 👌🏼👀👀

    Armado NavarroArmado Navarro16 timmar sedan
  • The domineering wish corroboratively form because tennis spectacularly describe barring a crazy sneeze. handy, magenta olive

    acky aiacky ai17 timmar sedan
  • Stole From Bankzitters

    officieel moofficieel mo17 timmar sedan
  • arsenal woman’s team are better then the arsenal mans team lol

    Mitchell BerndtMitchell Berndt17 timmar sedan
    • Gunners

      fouoii gyhhfouoii gyhh16 timmar sedan

    Hitesh VishwakarmaHitesh Vishwakarma17 timmar sedan
  • Ethan was kinda annoying in this video, he was the only one with his phone, very loud, not funny and a bit cringe with his sleeve and short rolled up.

    Lefort TancrèdeLefort Tancrède17 timmar sedan
    • @LifeOnRoad ayoo calm,down dude il just giving my opinion.

      Lefort TancrèdeLefort Tancrède10 timmar sedan
    • Honestly just stfu

      LifeOnRoadLifeOnRoad15 timmar sedan
  • How can u lose to womens?

    KastannieKastannie17 timmar sedan
  • 30:41 does anyone know the music used in this part?

    lazy bumlazy bum18 timmar sedan
  • All of them have bundaaaaa

    Elias AbdullaElias Abdulla18 timmar sedan
  • Does anyone know all the background music used in this video?

    lazy bumlazy bum18 timmar sedan
  • Does anyone know all the background music used in this video?

    lazy bumlazy bum18 timmar sedan
  • Lets all agree that the sidemen destroyed the women

  • Women football deserves equal pay

    VinoVino18 timmar sedan
  • I'm honestly enjoyed this 💓😂

    Dumuthu DulanjanaDumuthu Dulanjana19 timmar sedan
  • First thing Arsenal have won in years: crossbar challenge

    AidanMulliganAidanMulligan19 timmar sedan
  • Bro I’m disappointed in the women’s team. Me and my friends could destroy them easily

    Arshbir SinghArshbir Singh19 timmar sedan
  • Ethan out here rocking an A.F.L Look hahaha

    Kyle LoweKyle Lowe20 timmar sedan
  • Gunners

    Tammy WilkinsonTammy Wilkinson20 timmar sedan
  • Josh: focus vick Also josh: *Blocks shot*

    TEAM SYNOXTEAM SYNOX20 timmar sedan
  • idk what is better seeing kante smiling or vik hitting the crossbar

    Kub0nKub0n20 timmar sedan
  • Bro the 1st challenge harry shot like once

    pepethecheerio YTpepethecheerio YT20 timmar sedan
  • I have the impression that Ethan wants to show off his legs 💀

    MaxoHDMaxoHD21 timme sedan
  • Kante :- hits the champions league trophy after winning it* Arsenal femina:- celebrates like little girl after winning to sidemen of all players Respect

    Akshat JainAkshat Jain21 timme sedan
  • His bicycle kick is really close

    Claire WeleilakebaClaire Weleilakeba21 timme sedan
  • Ggg. C

    Gemma CollinsGemma Collins21 timme sedan
  • I really think Toby did all the work he carried all of them

    Claire WeleilakebaClaire Weleilakeba21 timme sedan
  • And Josh is really bad at kicking

    Claire WeleilakebaClaire Weleilakeba21 timme sedan
  • Toby is cracked at soccer ⚽

    Claire WeleilakebaClaire Weleilakeba21 timme sedan
  • 25:17 volley? LOL

    Apple CiderApple Cider22 timmar sedan
  • That's my favourite video of all.

    Mahmoud KassimMahmoud Kassim23 timmar sedan
  • 23:05 cameraman getting to excited

    Doctor GravyDoctor Gravy23 timmar sedan
  • Manuel Tobi Neur 😂😂

    Abishek AravindAbishek AravindDag sedan
  • “Professional” footballers😂what a joke

    tom parkertom parkerDag sedan
  • i love how sidmen is so imature soooo funnny

    Daniel DavidovDaniel DavidovDag sedan

    Ali Al madamghaAli Al madamghaDag sedan
  • 30:37 Josh’s best goal I’ve ever seen

    Tyree ThompsonTyree ThompsonDag sedan
  • Yeah I'm in love

    Cesar VeasCesar VeasDag sedan
  • The guy in the Arsenal shirt is a freaking clown.

    Armando CastilloArmando CastilloDag sedan
    • "the guy"

      Isaac EugeneIsaac Eugene22 timmar sedan
  • Next time Ethan. Perhaps don’t wear nothing. We know what your planning

    BingBoy_ RevolutionBingBoy_ RevolutionDag sedan
  • The editing makes it so that we know when the goals are going in before they happen... so annoying

    Olivier ChartrandOlivier ChartrandDag sedan
  • "That was actually good!" Her own teammate sounding surprised

    JoannaJoannaDag sedan
  • Who else misses seeing the Sidemen doing football challenges?

    Yurboijosh123Yurboijosh123Dag sedan
  • The hapless passive densply greet because coil scientifically film afore a lewd moon. exotic, unequaled distance

    Kinglion876 Romana linda654**Kinglion876 Romana linda654**Dag sedan
  • Ethan literally repeats everything that someone else has just said

    MiniApocalypse2MiniApocalypse2Dag sedan
    • He‘s quiet pissing me of, acts like an adhd patient

      Jeffrey MorganJeffrey Morgan7 timmar sedan